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This item is an aggressive 2" wide black rubber. The inside of the tread is reinforced by nylon web with a dark reddish color. The tread is fairly flexible and should work well down to about a 3" wheel diameter. The tread does not have internal cleats.


  • The overall tread thickness is about 0.33" with the knobs, the tread without the knobs is about 0.15" thick.
  • The knobs/ridges are spaced out 1 per inch and just a little less than 2" wide. Because of the way the track is made and cut to width, the knobs/ridges may not always center on the 2" wide track.
  • Sold by the foot. Specify the qty to select the number of feet you require.
  • The 2" wide tread weighs about 0.19lbs per foot.

Splicing the Tread:

To splice the track yourself:

If you would like for SuperDroid Robots to assemble your track using a high grade splice that is machine applied follow these instructions:

  • Select your length and add the track to your cart.
  • Click your browsers back button and follow this link to our 2 inch Alligator Lacing/Track Splice and select 'Assembly' in the options, 'update' the price and add to cart.

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